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Free download Windows Server 2022 ISO

Free download Windows Server 2022 ISO

Microsoft has announced Windows Server 2022, the RTL stable editions for Windows Server 2022 in ISO and VHD. It’s available as a Long-Term Service Channel (LTSC) compared to Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows 10 and 11. Windows 10 and Windows 11 were released as Semi-Annual Channels, two feature updates every year.

The Server comes with support for 5 years, which will run until the 13 of October 2026. The support will continue for five more years until 14 October 2031. With the brand new Windows Server 2022, you will have many new features, including Windows Defender System Guard, virtualization-based security, firmware vulnerabilities detector, advanced malware detection, Faster, and more secure environment secured connection via HTTPS, and the industry-standard SMB AES with 256-bit encryption.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 is an all-server operating system. This means it can be utilized to connect to networks, applications, web services, and functions as a stand-alone network that supports the hybrid environment and performs Microsoft Azure installation.

There are several versions of Windows Server 2022 that have been made available. The versions include Windows Server 2022 Standard, Data Center, and Data Center: Azure (Azure Stack HCI). The editions are all released in evaluation versions, meaning it is possible to use Windows Server 2022 is valid for 180 days. The users will be able to buy the software within 10 days after installation, and after that, you may experience sudden shutdowns.

Windows Server 2022 ISO Download

When you visit Microsoft’s official website for downloading Windows Server 2022 ISO files, there are two methods to download the files. It is possible to download them via Evaluation Center and Visual Studio Subscription (MSDN). However, regardless of the method, the various editions from Windows Server 2022 need to be activated using Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Utilize the following keys for the final activation.

Requirements to run Windows Server 2022

Here are some specifications that are needed to run Windows Server 2022.

Processor: 1.4 GHz is compatible with the x64 infrastructure. NX along with DEP, CMPXCHG 15b, LAHF/SAHF, and Prefetch W are required to be compatible.

Memory: Minimum 512 MB of RAM is needed (2 GB is needed to run the Server and desktop experience). ECC (Error Correction Code), similar to ECC or similar technology, is also required to run physical host deployments.

Storage: 32GB of storage as an absolute minimum is needed.

Network: An Ethernet adapter can provide a minimum of 1 gigabit/second throughput, per PCI Express architecture specifications.

Other hardware:

  • UEFI 2.3.1c-based device and firmware can support secure boot.
  • Trusted Platform Module, which is needed to install Windows 11.
  • Monitor and graphics device that can support Super VGA (1024 x 768) or greater resolution.

If you wants to Download Windows Server 2022 Directly, you can click the download button bellow. Download will be start automatically within a few seconds. 

Free download Windows Server 2022 ISO

Free download Server 2022 ISO

The Windows Server 2022 features

Hybrid Cloud: Assistance to Hybrid Cloud has been improved. The new version of Windows Server 2022 supports a multi-cloud environment. All Azure management tools, including Azure Policies, Azure Defender, and Azure Monitor, are fully enabled. For multi-cloud environments, all of the Azure administration tools are supported by one Control Panel.

Hyper-V Manager: It’s an administrative tool employed to simultaneously manage several VM (virtual machines). A brand-new action bar with live tools for importing storage is now available. Other features include Affinity or Anti-Affinity Rules, VM Clones, and the Ability to transfer running workloads across servers and increased security through optimized CPU hyperthreading and safe tasks via CPU groups. In the Windows SDN tool, the integration with Kubernetes has been enhanced. Kubernetes can be used to run applications on an established network.

Secure Core Technology: This can be used as security software that can provide multiple layers.

Monitor performance: It is a tool for monitoring that is part of the Admin Center. Performance Monitor is a tool that can be found in the Admin Center. Performance Monitor can also be employed to create custom performance views. Custom performance view, and also to get real-time data on the Server.

Storage Migration: Storage Migration supports NetApp Migrate. NetApp is used to migrate data and is compatible with both NAS and SAN environments. It is also utilized for data analytics as well as backup using disks. Migration via NetApp from arrays to the Server while integrating with clusters is also possible.

NEW SMB feature: The improvement has been implemented to the protocol for sharing files across networks by introducing the SMB feature. It comes with AES encryption and improved performance, and more are available when signing using SMB directly using an RDMA connected network card. SMB can also support UDP 443, IETF, TLS 1.3, and mobile.

TLS 1.3 Support: Windows Server 2022 supports Microsoft Cloud Services. Users can make use of the feature for TLS within your Windows Server.

Disaster recovery: Windows Server’s Storage Replica permits Azure Stack HCI to run across multiple websites. Automatic identification of nodes using active directories and IP addresses, Separate data pools to store site-specific configurations, and automatic adjustment of sites in the event of failure of the cluster.

Security of cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a target for hackers. It is possible to block ransomware attacks in Windows Server 2022; ransomware attacks can be stopped because Secured-core technology can support secure virtualization (VBS), and hypervisor-based code integrity (HVCI) is used. They can be utilized against the Eternal Blue vulnerability too.

Security based on virtualization: Virtualization Based Security (VBS) is hardware virtualization built on Hyper-V. It can separate the VM and stop attacks on credentials. It is possible to enforce the Hypervisor’s Code Integrity (HVCI) to protect any modifications made to the Control Flow Guard (CFG) bitmap. It will also verify the certificates to determine Credential Guard too.

Microsoft Edge: In Windows Server 2020, Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled. The browser is available exclusively in conjunction with Desktop Experience but is not available on the Core Server. Core Server. Microsoft is working to phase out Internet Explorer from Windows OS and Windows Server.

Trusted platform module: TPM was the subject of the most discussion due to the launch of Windows 11. Since it was mandatory to run Windows 11(how to get around the TPM phase in Windows 11), it serves as a storage device to store security information for BitLocker. TPM is utilized to start (UEFI firmware, EFI applications, and the OS itself) to ensure they aren’t being manipulated by rootkits.

App platform: It is possible to use almost every type of software due to the Scalability Enhancement. The Server can support up to 48TB of RAM and 248 virtual cores operating with 64 sockets, including Tier1 and Tier2 applications. Here you can download the entire Windows Server features.

If you have any questions regarding Windows Server 2022 or are interested in knowing more about the technology, this document will answer your questions confidently. Related to The Free download of Windows Server 2012 R1 and R2.

Setup on Windows Server 2022

In essence, there are two methods to install Windows Server 2022. Server Core is the essential element in Windows Servers. It performs server roles but does not have a GUI. You can, however, monitor other servers remotely employing WAC as well as PowerShell.

The Server offers a desktop experience with full GUI and a larger coverage area than the core server. It is generally suggested and utilized by businesses.


Development and deployment are possible effortlessly. It will cost less. Windows Containers’ dependencies between the host and the containerized application are now more efficient and secure. Improved performance and downloading have been made as Windows Containers Windows Container image size has been reduced. Run applications that depend on Azure Active Directory with The group Managed Services Accounts (gMSA) without joining the container host with a domain.


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